The history of wedding rings

Wedding rings are an important symbol of marriage and as such it is important that you choose a high quality piece of jewellery that you can wear comfortably for the years to come.

The History Of Wedding Rings

In today’s society, exchanging wedding rings is very popular amongst Christian weddings, weddings of a variety of different religions and indeed also non-religious services. However, did you know that there is no biblical scripture that instructs people to wear wedding rings?

So where did the tradition of exchanging wedding rings originate? Why did Christians start to exchange rings? Some suggest that Christian ceremonies started to exchange wedding rings around the 9th century AD/CE, however where did this tradition start? How far back does the practice of exchanging wedding rings go?

Ancient Rome

The tradition of exchanging wedding rings can be traced back to ancient Rome. However, unlike the exchange of rings in today’s marriage ceremonies, rings were not exchanged between partners as they get married. Instead Roman men would present a ring to the bride’s father as a symbol of purchase.

However, this practice changed by the second century BC/BCE and instead the bride was given a gold ring that she wore in public to demonstrate the trust placed in her by the groom; the ring symbolised the groom trusted his bride with his property. [Source]

So Why Is The Ring, A Pagan Symbol Used In Christian Marriages?

Many question why pagan symbolism is present in Christian ceremonies. For many years the wedding ring was considered heathen by Christians.

During the 9th century when the Christians adopted the wedding ring for marriage ceremonies, it was not a simple plain band as many people choose today. A wedding ring was a very decorative piece, sometimes with engraved doves and perhaps linked hands. At the time, the church discouraged this practice however, during the 13th century, rings become significantly more simplified in design and a Bishop considered the exchange of rings a “symbol of the union of hearts”. [Source]

What Finger Should A Wedding Ring Be Worn On?

Wedding rings have been worn on numerous different fingers throughout history including the ring finger on both the left and right hands and the thumb.

The tradition of wearing a wedding ring on the left hand’s ring finger is believed to originate from a myth from the Roman times. It is thought that the Romans believed that the ring finger on the left hand contained a vein that was connected directly to the heart. This vein was known as the Vena Amoris which is Latin for ‘Vein of Love’.

However, there is another theory regarding why many people choose to wear their wedding rings on the left hand’s ring finger. During early Christian marriages, the wedding ring was worn on what they called ‘the third finger’. The priest would say “in the name of the father, son and holy spirit” touching the thumb, index finger, middle finger and then as he said the word “Amen” he would place the ring on the finger. [Source]

However, Today I Found Out also offers an alternative theory. The theory suggests that the reason why the left hand is chosen for the ring is because most of the world is right handed.

Should You Wear A Wedding Ring?

This is an incredibly personal question, just like an engagement ring there is no right or wrong answer. However, if you decide that you wish to wear a wedding ring, you can browse a fantastic selection of wedding rings in Birmingham from the jewellers SP Green.

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More Information About Wedding Rings

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