The 6 Steps In Hosting An Engagement Party

The 6 Steps In Hosting An Engagement Party

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Being well-established family jewellers in Birmingham, we totally understand the need to ensure that the time of your life between getting engaged and tying the knot, should be as special as possible. Summing up love, friendship and commitment for a lifetime, we incorporate such elements into our bespoke jewellery items – including our range of delightful custom-made engagement rings.

Getting married isn’t just about the wedding of course – there are other fantastic traditional events to think about in the lead up to the big day. If you’ve got (or still searching for) your perfect engagement ring – now it’s time to show it off at your very own engagement party! But who to invite? Where to have the event? What should I spend my budget on? In this blog, we’ll answer all those questions and more – putting you at ease as you think about your very-own engagement party.

(Oh and congratulations on getting engaged by the way!)

Tips On Hosting Your Engagement Party.

When Should I Hold My Engagement Party?

Firstly, don’t rush into anything; just enjoy being engaged and take your time in arranging everything you need. Generally, engagement parties are held 2 to 6 months after the proposal but it can depend on how quickly you’re getting hitched – a perfect date for an engagement party is a year before the planned wedding. If you’ve accepted a proposal but haven’t decided on an engagement ring as of yet, this will give you plenty of time to arrange your party in plenty of time and to visit a jewellers in Birmingham for your perfect ring!

Who Should I Invite?

Family, friends, colleagues...all those close to you, of course. Engagement parties tend to be smaller affairs than weddings, so if you feel like just inviting your closest family and friends, do it – it’s your party! But it isn’t just about the specific people who you invite but the actual number of them as well. Ensure you understand how many people your venue is able to hold and then send out that specific number of invites. And yes – it’s always best to send out a traditional, physical invitation to such events. People will feel more inclined in responding to something that they can literally hold in their hands and read. With the era we live in today, electronic communications seem to be King (or in case, Queen) so people, to make things quick and easy, send out blanket invites on social networking sites and e-mails. This is never advisable – not only are they easy to forget about, sitting as they do in a virtual letterbox, they can find themselves sent to more people than you originally intended (especially on social networking sites).

Where Should I Host The Party?

The engagement party can be seen as a ‘test event’ for your wedding reception in some ways – but don’t feel like you have to lavishly spend on it. Choose a venue that is suitable – one that is able to host the number of people you wish to invite, has the facilities you need and one that is in a decent location for your invitees to get to. Once you’ve booked your venue you’ll be aware of the formalities of the event – for example, if it’s being held in a swish country club, formal attire will be suitable. If the party is being held in the more relaxed environment of a community club or public house, then an informal dress code is definitely best.

My Budget?

No matter the type of event, setting a budget is the best way to ensure that costs don’t spiral out of control and will give you a realistic outlook on the things you truly need for your party ideas to come to life. In terms of an engagement party, there aren’t really any rules in regards to what you need – so feel free to set a budget that a) helps you to get everything you need and of course, b) you can afford! Fancy dressing up, wining and dining with the finest champagne and a 5-course meal? Or perhaps you want to lay on some traditional pub grub as you comfortably circle the room, showing off your ring to excited family and friends? The choice is yours!

What To Spend My Budget On?

Aside from the venue, the next important area that your budget will need to look at (as mentioned briefly above) is food and drink. This is something that’s expected at parties and your guests will appreciate the lengths you’ve gone to in order to provide for them. Some venues will include catering as part of the room hire – if that is indeed the case, insist on seeing/tasting the menu to see if the food is suitable. Additional elements such as decorations, including floral arrangements and balloons are great items to use to bestow your personality on the venue but they aren’t a necessity – if your budget can handle them, great. If not, don’t worry about them – as the centre of attention, all eyes will be on you anyway!

Should I Get A Photographer?

Not necessarily – with engagement parties being the ‘warm-up’ to a wedding, so to speak, there’s no real need to go to the expense of hiring a professional photographer. This might be a good idea if you’re hosting your party in a formal venue and you would love to capture everything for posterity in well-taken, stylish photographs – but don’t feel like you have to. Always abide by your budget, shop around for photographers and if you decide not to go with one, let a family member do it.

Ultimately, what’s important is that the event should reflect the personality of you and your partner. Whether that’s through elaborate decorations in your favourite colour or cute pictures of you both printed out on sheets of A4 and tacked up around the place – it really doesn’t matter how you do it. The best advice we can offer is just to take your time and only commit to what YOU feel 100% about.

SP Green – Bespoke Jewellers in Birmingham.

Here at S.P Green, the jewellery items that we present have been carefully created by our in-house designers in order to reflect the traditions of jewellery making and the sanctity of marriage alike. The range of choice that we have as part of our service includes everything from traditional jewellery items such as gold or silver wedding rings, to the finest-cut of engagement rings that are accompanied by varying styles and weights of diamonds. We also offer an exclusive custom-made jewellery service, so if you have your own ideas on what you would like – with us, you can incorporate it into an item that is intended to last forever.

If you’re looking for high-quality jewellers in Birmingham or an online service that is exclusive, unique and personal in nature, we’ll be on hand to carry that metaphorical bouquet behind you every step of the way!

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