Caring For Your Wedding Rings: A Guide

Caring For Your Wedding Rings: A Guide

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A wedding ring is more than just a signifier than you’re married. It represents love and a lifelong commitment to someone. It’s a reminder of your special relationship; all those good times you’ve had and the future still yet to be enjoyed.  It’s as personal to you as the vows you have already made/are ready to make. This is why choosing your perfect style of ring is such a vital part of a wedding ceremony.

Having been creating custom wedding rings in Birmingham for almost 40 years, we know a thing or two about the meaning of wedding bands. Being so personal and meaning so much, they will, of course, need be cared for – despite our best intentions, wedding rings can be lost or damaged. If you take steps to bestow a little extra care now, then you will be able to enjoy your wedding ring for a lifetime.

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Caring For Your Wedding Ring

Just like the sanctity of marriage, your wedding ring should also last a lifetime. Unfortunately, many people experience troubles with their own rings; whether they lose them, see them damaged or they deteriorate over time. However, by taking a few simple steps from the moment your slip that ring on for the first time, you can ensure that your special piece of jewellery will last for a lifetime.

Here are our tips on looking after your wedding ring:

  • Handling the ring. First and foremost, don’t make the mistake of incorrectly handling your wedding ring. Always pick them by the band, rather than reaching for the stone or the setting that helps to secure your precious stone. Picking it up by the band also reduces the amount of dirt from your hands, from going on to the stones.
  • Storage. At times when you’re not wearing your ring (or any other jewellery items, in fact) ensure that you place each item in its own soft compartment or case. When you store jewellery together it’s likely to cause scratches and even tangle them up. Even items such as ring holders should be avoided, as these tend to stack rings on top of each other, causing damage.
  • Cleaning the ring. Always ensure that you clean your diamond wedding ring with warm water (not hot) and a tiny amount of mild washing-up liquid. You can even use a small, soft brush (such as a baby’s toothbrush) to remove any instances of dirt. Always dry your ring with a lint-free cloth too, to avoid the drying process transferring dirt back onto the ring.
  • Get your ring regularly checked. Every couple of years, it’s a good idea to take your rings to a professional jeweller for inspection and cleaning. They will be able to check the ring for any signs of damage, including any loose settings or worn prongs and are able to repair them then and there.
  • Get insurance. Just as you would with any other expensive item, ensuring that your jewellery is fully insured will give you the peace of mind in knowing that they are protected. Get your jewellery valued by a professional jeweller and then include their valuation on your home contents insurance.
  • Spotted an issue? Don’t wait! If you notice an issue with your ring – whether it’s a loose stone or a worn prong that catches on fabric, it could potentially lead to further deterioration and a lost stone. If you notice an issue, take it off immediately, store it well and take it to a jewellers at the first opportunity. They can then check and repair the ring for you, avoiding any lost stones and/or further damage.
  • Take it easy. Although diamonds are well known to be the hardest natural material on the planet, they can still get chipped if they are caught at the right (or wrong) angle. For any activities that you may undertake, ensure that you take your ring off if it involves any strenuous work by your hands.
  • Wear it or take it off? This brings us to that common question – which activities should I take my wedding ring off for? It’s always advisable that due to the involvement of drains and the likelihood of the ring to slip off in hot water, that you take it off when taking a shower, cooking or washing up. Not only can taking your ring off help to avoid it from being lost in these situations, you’re more likely to avoid any extra dirt from infiltrating the stones. In terms of any physical activity, such as going to the gym, participating in any sports (especially swimming) or undertaking any vigorous manual work, always make sure you take off your rings before these activities to avoid them from being damaged, or even causing damage to your hand.

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