How Much Jewellery Should You Wear On Your Wedding Day?

How Much Jewellery Should You Wear On Your Wedding Day?

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It’s important to choose luxurious and expertly crafted jewellery for your wedding. If you are searching for beautiful diamond jewellery in Birmingham to wear on your wedding day, visit the diamond specialists SP Green in the Birmingham Jewellery Quarter.

How Much Jewellery Should I Wear On My Wedding Day?

This is a difficult question, on one hand you want to wear lots of beautiful bridal jewellery and accessories. However, you don’t want to wear anything that upstages your wedding dress, your engagement ring or your wedding ring.

This decision can be very difficult, so here are some tips to help you decide what jewellery to wear on your wedding day.

Less Is More
Whilst many people do enjoy lots of sparkle, less is more. Instead of showering yourself in a sea of sparkly gems, pick a few more luxurious pieces so that they can get the attention they deserve and be appreciated in all their wonder. Perhaps you could let your rings take centre stage on your hands and look towards beautiful earrings and necklaces for other pieces of bridal jewellery. However, if your wedding dress has a very ornate neckline, perhaps forgo the necklace and instead choose more luxurious and elegant earrings. 

Match Your Metals
This tip is very important; make sure that any wedding jewellery you choose co-ordinates. If your wedding dress is white, silver and platinum pieces work wonderfully with the bright hue of the white dress; whereas an ivory wedding dress works beautifully with warm toned jewellery such as gold.

Always Consider The Dress
Aside from a few photos of the rings, your wedding dress is going to feature in a large number of your wedding photos. It is very important that your wedding jewellery works as a team with your wedding dress, instead of fighting against it for attention. When you look at pieces of jewellery to wear for your wedding, remember to keep thinking about your dress and consider how each piece will work with your dress and other pieces of wedding jewellery that you’re wearing.

Choose Gemstones That Match The Colour Of Your Bouquet
If you’re having a blue themed wedding with lots of beautiful blue flowers decorating the venue and in your bridal bouquet; blue gemstone jewellery could be a wonderful way to carry the wedding theme into your wedding jewellery. There are lots of different blue coloured pieces of jewellery from SP Green that you could choose from. For example, if you browse the pendants section of our online store, you could see the elegant Round brilliant cut diamond and tanzanite pear halo pendant. This luxurious item includes a pear cut tanzanite in the centre of the pendant with numerous round brilliant cut diamonds surrounding it.

Wear A Family Heirloom
Family heirlooms are lovely pieces to wear for your wedding. They provide you with a beautiful way to follow the ‘something old’ tradition. Guests will be able to appreciate the sentimental value of the jewellery you’re wearing. Watching you as you walk down the aisle wearing perhaps your grandmother’s bracelet, or a pendant that your great grandfather bought for your great grandmother. Weddings are a time for family, so what better way to celebrate the love your family hold for each other than taking a piece of family history with you as you walk down the aisle to proclaim your love for your partner in front of family and close friends?

Don’t Shop Alone
Don’t shop alone when choosing your bridal jewellery. Bring your mother, your chief bridesmaid or a selection of your bridesmaids along with you whilst you shop for jewellery. It can be very helpful to have a second (or third) opinion whilst shopping for bridal jewellery. So bring a trustworthy friend or family member and share some of the wedding excitement with them.

Consider Something Bespoke
Many brides choose to wear a few smaller pieces and one item that stands out. A wonderful way to do this is with a bespoke jewellery service. You could create an item of jewellery that tells the story of your life so far, or perhaps create a beautiful necklace that includes the birthstones of your family members with a diamond in the centre. A bespoke jewellery service from the diamond specialists SP Green is a wonderful way to create a unique piece of sentimental jewellery that you can cherish for the many years to come. Additionally, as written in tip number 5, family heirlooms can be very beautiful pieces of wedding jewellery that carry lots of sentimental value. By creating your own bespoke jewellery, you could create a future family heirloom that you can pass onto a daughter or other younger family member so that they can wear a family heirloom as they get married.

Speak To A Trustworthy Jeweller
When you’re searching for wedding jewellery, it is very important that you speak to a trustworthy jeweller. If you’re searching for diamond jewellery in Birmingham, visit the Birmingham Jewellery Quarter and speak to the diamond experts SP Green.  The friendly team of diamond experts at SP Green will be happy to provide you with assistance with regards to your choice of wedding jewellery. We are both independent family jewellers and diamond experts, so you can trust the expert advice from our fully qualified gemologists and diamond graders. Additionally, if you purchase diamond jewellery in Birmingham from SP Green, we guarantee that all of our diamonds are sourced only from ethically responsible agencies.

Elegant, Luxurious And Beautiful Pieces Of Wedding Jewellery From SP Green

If you’re searching for diamond jewellery in Birmingham to wear for your wedding day, visit the friendly team of diamond experts at SP Green. Additionally, if you have any questions about wedding jewellery, please feel free to visit us in store and ask your questions to our staff in person; we have three stores in Birmingham’s Jewellery Quarter, which are located on Warstone Lane.

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